5 Tips to improve your logic building in Programming

One of the hardest thing that beginners or even advanced coders is that they can’t figure out how to solve the problem the right way, what they lack is logic building in programming. Building logic is like the backbone of real problem solving and programming, not the codes. Anyone can learn to code these days with a few tutorials but what they will lack is that they won’t be able to solve any real work challenges, they only know how to write some stuff and some results will popup.

In this article, I will share 5 tips to improve your logic building skills without making the article too long to bore you.

Start with Simple Problems

Baby steps are the most affective one, start with simple problems before diving and challenging yourself with complex and overwhelming challenges. For the starting, try to solve simpler problems that you can solve relatively quickly. This way you will build confidence and will gain a solid foundation of basic programming concepts and logic.

Practice Daily with Daily Challenges

Consistency is the key in mastering any skill, not programming is no different. Make it a habit to solve at least one problem a day. And the best part, these days you don’t really need to think of a problem yourself, sites like SkillSnip can help you with providing daily coding challenges. Try to utilize these tools and challenge yourself daily with these coding challenges.

Break Down Problems into Smaller Problems

When you are faced with a big challenge, it’s always a good idea to divide it into multiple parts. This way you can focus only one smaller problem at a time, and not the whole thing at the same time. Go through the smaller problems and try to solve them one by one and then combine the solutions to solve the bigger problem. OOP programming techniques are really useful here in cause you are into backend.

Learn from Others’ Solutions

Did you just finished a task and successfully completed a challenge? It’s better if you go through the solutions of the people who faced the same challenge. Many coding platforms like SkillSnip has a sort of community where people try to solve the challenge and then publish their solution, so it’s a great opportunity to compare your solutions with others and if theirs’ is better, adapt them.

Review and Iterate on Your Solutions

Another step after solving a problem is reviewing it again. Reflections is a powerful technique in learning. Look at the codes and see what worked well and you can improve even better. Try to refactor your codes to make it look cleaner and maybe make it faster.

In short, to build logic in programming, you must start with baby steps, practice daily, learn from others solution and review your codes.

That’s all for today, see you in another blog post!

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