How to make money as a web developer

Making money as a web developer is not a big issue if you have good skills and expertise, if not then you can always learn online courses on web development and get yourself ready for being a skilled web developer.

If you are not sure even if you can earn money as a web developer with the skills that you already have, I have written an article on what are the skills that you need to earn money as a web developer.

When you have skills then you are ready to start earning as a web developer, following are ways you can always follow to earn more money as a web developer.

Making money from your friends/relatives as a web developer

Website is no longer a special/rare thing but every business and shop or even some people need websites. You can always get clients from your friends or relatives. 

Get to know those who have a business and need a website. And make their business faster or grow their business by your website service. Then you can call them, let them know that you can make their business grow more. They will definitely love to grow their business.

Create Templates

If you are a good designer then this can be a really good way of earning. You can create web designs using your creativity and web designing skills and sell them on Platforms such as ThemeForest

You can create your own website where you can list all the templates. And make the people buy your products from your own website. It will be more beneficial for you as you are earning from selling the templates as well as you are earning from your website by the ads.


Yes, freelancing. That’s the best from this list. There are several web developers including me who are providing web services on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork. You can earn a decent amount from Freelancing. Get your price low at the beginning so that the clients get to know you and know your skill sets. When you have a strong profile, you can increase your prices and get really handsome income.

If you are starting as a freelancer then I would highly suggest you joining Fiverr and create a very beautiful and catchy profile. Start this with a minimum price and get some positive reviews. As many reviews you have as many clients will trust you.

Always, make sure you provide what your clients are searching for.

Create a Blog

Creating a blog can increase your income as a web developer and if you work really hard on it then one blog can make your life. And the best part of blogging is, it doesn’t need as much time. You can write a blog and work on the SEO of your blog and then leave it on its own. If you have written a good article that contains a valid solution then people will visit and read it. From which, you will get money from the ads placed on the article or maybe affiliate links and many other ways to earn as a web developer blogger.

Before starting your blog, make sure that you are using a good niche. Also, don’t forget to research that niche and learn about it. Look what people are really interested in that niche and write good articles. Make people love to read your articles.

Creating a Course

You can only do this when you believe that you are experienced enough to teach an instructor and then create a course and start selling it on Platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, or any other popular Courses Platform.

You can start with a beginner course of HTML, CSS, and JS but make sure that it’s really good and what the students are searching for because there are many other people teaching the same thing.

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